Fixed Rate Market


Dank's Fixed Rate Market (the "Market") is an open source fixed interest rate protocol based on the Dank lending protocol. On the basis of the flexible interest rate of Dank protocol, it innovatively adopts a fixed interest rate controlled by an algorithm mechanism. Users will have a more diversified profit portfolio through a combination model of risk guarantee pool and order pool.
Dank's Fixed Rate Market is the best tool for users to obtain stable risk exposure. In the Market, holders with interest-bearing tokens will have chances to gain additional profit and lock in their future earnings in advance. Meanwhile, it allows trader directly access to the future profit without using underlying collateral.
Flexible interest profit can be obtained from the protocol after depositing underlying collateral into lending protocols such as Dank, Compound, AAVE, etc. Meanwhile, users will also obtain the corresponding value of interest-bearing tokens (dToken, cToken, aToken, etc.). Those tokens represent the rights to redeem the principal and the future forward returns. Dank, Compound, and AAVE are lending protocols based on variable interest rates, which cannot guarantee the exact future returns. In order to hedge the income fluctuations and maintain a stable income expectation, Dank's Fixed Rate Market was designed.
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